Ford 999 Racer: The Genesis of American Racing

At Ford, we proudly stand at the forefront of innovation. We have a long tradition of ground-breaking concepts relating to an expansive range of topics in the automotive industry, like production, sustainability, performance, electricity, power, and -- of course -- racing. Ever wonder where American racing got its start? We at Ed Kenley Ford side with the auto historians who claim the Ford 999 Racer left one of the first -- if not the first -- imprints on American racing culture when it was created in 1902. It had no body, no transmission, and no steering wheel, but it revolutionized the way people at the turn of the century thought cars could perform. Check out the article below to learn more about Ford's intriguing history, and don't forget to stop by our store at 1888 N. Main St. in Layton, UT to view our entire lineup of new and used Ford models. Come see how far we've come!



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