Exploding the Tailgate Myth

If you drive with your tailgate down, you're going to be more aerodynamic on the highway, right?

The tailgate of your Ford F-150 seems like it would act as a parachute. After all, if you held up a thick piece of aluminum broad-face into the wind, you would feel a tremendous amount of wind-resistance.

Being aerodynamic is a key component to fuel efficiency.

Logically, lowering the tailgate should make you more streamlined.

This logic only works because you can't see the wind with the naked eye.

With the help of a wind tunnel and little fog, you can see that wind actually sails right over the top of your cargo box without entering it, so long as the tailgate is up.

Put the tailgate down, and you get turbulence.

Based on observations in the wind tunnel, the only way to improve your truck's aerodynamics may be to use a tonneau cover. Find one in Ed Kenley Ford's accessories catalogue.

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