Location Independence and How Ford Can Help

Do you ever dream of saying, “Adios!” to your job and heading out to live a new life of travel? What would it be like to live and work completely on the road, stopping to explore locales that interested you most?

For many entrepreneurs this is becoming a way of life. Called, “location independence,” professionals who take to the street (literally) are working in motorhomes as they tour the country. The only things needed are a strong Wi-Fi signal and a sense of adventure.

While the location independent lifestyle works best for individuals in the technology or consulting field, there are other reasons you might be interested in this:

The new Winnebago Fuse is a C Class motorhome built on a Ford Transit chassis. Whether you’re interested in working from the road, or simply want to do more camping, this might be the perfect solution.

At Ed Kenley Ford in Layton, Utah, we have a lot of great vehicles ready to take you on your next adventure. Visit our showroom, finance office or service center today. We look forward to meeting you!

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