Picture this: you’re living in the 1920s and you and a good friend have decided to spend a little time out in nature, doing some camping.

You set up your tent and build a campfire and then see what appears to be a convoy of light duty trucks, and many individuals on foot, making their way past your camping spot. What is going on? You get closer to take a look and realize with excitement, that one of the individuals walking is none other than Henry Ford.

We’d have loved the chance to meet Mr. Ford in person, especially with his fellow “Vagabonds,” and listen in on their conversations around the fire at night.

Here at Ed Kenley Ford, we invite you to stop in soon. We can swap camping stories here in Layton, Utah, while browsing our newest inventory.

If you’re in need of financing, you’ll find our rates are very competitive. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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