The health and safety of our faithful patrons throughout the greater Layton and Ogden region is always our utmost concern and number one priority. To that end, we're proud to say that our doors are still open as we're still providing a stellar range of new Ford models, used vehicles, and quality automotive services to drivers in our community. To adhere to CDC and WHO guidelines, we've taken precautionary measures to ensure your health through social distancing and meticulous and frequent sanitization of high-touch surfaces around our dealership and inside our vehicles.

Ed Kenley Ford is Going the Extra Mile to Ensure Your Safety

As aforementioned, we've taken great care to ensure that you have the opportunity to secure the vehicle of your dreams without compromising your health or safety. All our employees wash their hands frequently and are encouraged to stay home if they feel ill or show signs of sickness. While we traditionally encourage our sales staff to greet our faithful customers with a firm handshake we're sticking to social distancing guidelines and have asked all our staff to remain at least six feet apart from our customers while wearing proper masks. Hand sanitizer can be found throughout our store, especially near high-touch surfaces like door handles, keyboards, and restrooms.

Shop for Your New Vehicle from the Comfort of Home!

What's more, is you can now discover your perfect daily driver without leaving your couch. Our streamlined online shopping experience has been given a full refresh and update to ensure you have the ability to discover a proper model in as little time as possible. Our user-friendly digital retailing tools and applications ensure you have the opportunity to remain in your home in Syracuse, UT without compromising your health as you hunt for the ideal new vehicle that addresses your needs.

Explore our full new Ford model inventory and used vehicle solutions and contact us to set up a test drive. We're here to support you through any hardships brought on by the COVID-19 virus. We hope to hear from you soon.

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