With a lifetime nationwide powertrain warranty on all new and most used vehicles on the lot, shopping at Ed Kenley Ford comes with peace of mind. The warranty is a bonus benefit and will ensure the most critical parts of your new or used car are covered at certified repair shops nationwide for life! An included warranty for used cars under 80k miles and less than five years old makes Ed Kenley Ford the best choice for worry-free shopping. The frugal shopper around Syracuse, UT, can enjoy the advantages of buying used with confidence.

Major Engine Components Covered

When you purchase a vehicle from Ed Kenley Ford near Layton, the CNA National Lifetime Limited Powertrain Warranty will cover repairs or replacements for the engine, transmission, and drivetrain assembly. We want to ensure you feel confident purchasing any vehicle on our lot. Almost every car is covered regardless of whether the vehicle is used, new, foreign, or domestic. There are a few exceptions, but you can ask our experts for details.

Additional Warranty Perks

Not only are major engine components covered under our warranty, but Ogden drivers will also have additional services covered in case of breakdown and while the vehicle is in the shop. Towing and emergency roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, and travel and lodging reimbursement are other services you would likely need in case of an engine failure and when you need repairs.

How Do National Lifetime Limited Powertrain Warranties Work?

Ed Kenley provides the CNA National Lifetime Powertrain Warranty for just about every vehicle they sell. You can have your vehicle repaired at any certified shop nationwide. As long as you own the car, the warranty will cover all repairs for included parts. If you are not from the Layton area and need to have your car serviced somewhere else, any certified service center will be able to pull up your information by the vehicle's VIN. It's that simple!

Visit Ed Kenley Ford and Browse Our Selection

The included powertrain warranty is a significant incentive to consider purchasing your vehicle from Ed Kenley Ford and saving thousands of dollars over the life of your vehicle. We have consistently had many satisfied customers save on reliable new and used cars. Take a look at what we have in stock today!