Compare the New Ford Ranger in Layton, UT

For many drivers from Ogden and Syracuse, UT, a midsized truck, smaller than the popular half-ton options, is the way to go. And if that's the style that suits you best, you'll want to find the perfect edition of the new Ford Ranger here in Layton. For excursions out in the desert and up in the mountains, to light towing and hauling around home, this is the kind of truck you'll use every day, and you can build and price your Ranger quickly and easily here at our Layton, UT Ford dealership.

As easy as it is buying or leasing the perfect new Ford Ranger, you'll also want to see how it excels over other midsized trucks. Here, we're comparing the Ford Ranger to the Honda Ridgeline and Chevy Colorado, which offer similar capabilities, sizes and cab and bed styles. As you discover how much better the new Ford Ranger is that those other trucks, take some time to consider the new Ford specials and promos we have going on. If you're going to choose the best midsized truck on the market, you may as well save, so visit Ed Kenley Ford today and get started on your next Ranger.

Ford Ranger vs Honda Ridgeline Comparison

  • While the Ranger uses a turbocharged four-cylinder that offers less horsepower than the V-6 in the Ridgeline, the Ford midsized truck has more torque, which leads to a higher payload capacity. It's a considerable advantage as well, with the Ford Ranger hauling up to 2,1,28 pounds, compared to only 1,465 pounds for the Ridgeline.
  • The combination of the smaller engine and the 10-speed automatic in the Ford Ranger makes it slightly more efficient than the Ridgeline. Though fuel economy is rarely a concern for trucks, these midsized setups are used for more everyday errands than their full-sized counterparts, so saving every little bit on gas can be incredibly helpful around the Ogden and Syracuse areas.
  • If you're shopping for a truck that can tackle rough, rocky terrains around the desert or up in the mountains, the Ford Ranger is the best pick. With its new Tremor package, you get all sorts of off-roading improvements that the Honda Ridgeline can't match.

Ford Ranger vs Chevy Colorado Comparison

  • While the Chevy Colorado offers more engine options, you'll have to spend considerably more to match or exceed the capabilities of the Ford Ranger. Even with the more powerful engine stacked up against the starting four-cylinder of the Colorado, the Ranger earns better fuel economy, making it easier on your fuel budget for a truck you use on an everyday basis around the Layton area and beyond.
  • The Ford Ranger proves to be more affordable in both its starting package and at its higher trim when compared to the Chevy Colorado. When finding the perfect truck, you'll want to stick with your budget, and with the Ranger, you'll have more wiggle room to add additional options and features, including with some of the high-end Ford tech you may want to include with your midsized pickup.
  • Though the Colorado features some off-roading setups, it's the Ford Ranger that really excels for crawling, 4x4 capabilities and taking off on all kinds of excursions beyond the beaten path. When enjoying the gorgeous terrains beyond the Ogden area, the Ford Ranger with its optional Tremor Package is the way to go.

Ready to find the perfect match of the new Ford Ranger? Head over to Ed Kenley Ford in Layton, UT today and we'll be happy to go over your options and get you started on a quick test drive.