Should I Buy from My Local Car Dealership? Or Should I Buy a Car in Another City?

Conventional wisdom will tell you that you should shop for a car wherever you can get the best deal. If that means you have to go hundreds of miles out of town to pick up your new set of wheels, then so be it.

But it isn't always so cut and dry. Buying from a local dealership has many advantages, and with a little research and comparison shopping you can have the best of both worlds-an unbeatable deal at the dealership around the corner.

The Advantages of Buying from Your Local Car Dealership

Here are the top reasons to consider buying from your local car dealer:

  • It's convenient. It's just a short drive away, meaning you'll pay less for gas and take less time out of your day. You can even ride a bike or take public transportation to the dealer, and ride your new car home!
  • It's easier to follow through on warranty and extended service contracts. If any issues with your new car pop up, then getting a different dealership from the one you bought it at to honor your warranty can be a hassle (and you may even get turned away). On the other hand, your local dealership is eager to build a long-term relationship (so you'll continue to come in for repairs, trade-ins, and give them referrals), and they'll often bend over backwards to honor your warranty or extended service contract.
  • You can develop a relationship with their service department. Building a relationship of trust with your mechanic is important. When you buy your car at a local dealership, you can take advantage of their service department for all your maintenance and repair needs. And if the dealer mechanics gets to know you and your car over the course of a long relationship, then you can look forward to great deals, friendly advice, and excellent service for years to come.
  • It keeps your dollars in your local economy. When you shop locally, whether it's at your local mom-and-pop store or your local auto dealer, a bigger portion of the money you spend will stay in your local economy.

How to Get an Amazing Deal at Your Local Dealership

If you're looking for the best deal possible (who isn't?), then don't write off your local dealership just yet. All the rules of smart car buying apply to local dealers and far-away dealers alike, and the rise of the internet means that local dealers have to compete more than ever for your business.

Always do Your Research First

Unless you research which car you're looking for, you're going to be at a disadvantage no matter what dealership you go to. Negotiating for a lower price is still one of the best ways to get a great deal, and this practice is alive and well at your local car dealer. If you show up knowing what you're looking for, and knowing how much you can reasonably expect to spend, then you'll be much more likely to strike a deal that you're happy with.

Online Comparison Shopping

The best thing about the internet when it comes to buying a car is that it makes comparison shopping easy. The value and asking price for virtually every vehicle is just a Google search away. Local dealerships have to compete with these prices, and they're likely to match or beat an online price (or risk losing your business).

As long as you do your research and comparison shopping, there's no reason why you can't take full advantage of the convenience and other benefits of buying a car at your local dealership.

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