Should I Put a Bed Liner in my Truck?

What part of your truck takes the biggest beating? Chances are it's the truck bed-that big piece of steel in the back responsible for holding all the stuff you haul around town.

For all the power your engine gives you, all it takes is a bump or a ding to chip away the paint or make a dent in the bed of your truck. Unless you're the kind of person who takes pride in a dented-up old truck bed (and we don't blame you if you do), then investing in a good bed liner for your truck is probably a great idea.

Truck Bedliners are relatively inexpensive, and they offer more than just protection from dings and scratches. They add grip so things aren't sliding around so much back there, and they can protect against rust. Best of all, they allow you to work your truck as hard as you want, without worrying so much about doing damage to the truck bed.

If you're looking to add a bed liner to your truck, there are typically two choices: Spray-in or Drop-in.

Spray-In Bed Liners vs. Drop-In Bed Liners

There are definite pros and cons to both drop-in bed liners and spray-in bed liners, and which option is right for you depends mostly on how you plan on using your truck. Let's break it down.

Drop-in Bedliners: the Pros

  • Replaceable
  • Less expensive than Spray-in bedliners
  • Easy to install (drop-in bed liners are custom-designed for your truck, and you can install them yourself)
  • Often thicker, offering more dent protection than spray-in
  • Covers up old dents and scratches
  • Often comes with a warranty

Drop-in Bedliners: the Cons

  • Some models don't protect the sides of the truck bed
  • It's possible for water to get caught between the liner and the truck bed, causing corrosion and rust
  • Can get loose, and are sometimes noisy when you're driving down the highway
  • Sand, gravel, and rocks can get under the liner, causing damage to the truck bed

Spray-in Bedliners: the Pros

  • Typically longer lasting
  • With proper install, it creates an air-tight seal between liner and steal truck bed
  • You can use it to protect bedrails, tailgates, rocker panels, and fender wells
  • Very resistant to corrosion

Spray-in Bedliners: the Cons

  • Once you install it, you're stuck with it
  • Can get permanently stained with paint or chemicals
  • Color can fade with long-time exposure to sunlight

Which Truck Bedliner is Right for Me?

Think about how you're going to be using your truck on a day-to-day basis. If you constantly haul around things like gravel, sand, and rocks, then you'll want the air-tight seal of a spray-in bedliner. If you transport heavy or sharp objects often, then a drop-in bedliner may offer a thicker layer of protection.

Both options are affordable, but spray-in bedliners typically cost a bit more, so if price is a big factor, then you should probably go with a drop-in bedliner.

At the end of the day, the choice is up to you-to learn more about truck bed liners available for all Ed Kenley Ford's new Ford trucks call us today at 888-480-2945.