What to Look for in a Good Commuter Car

Whether you drive to work on your own every day, or you are part of a big carpool, finding a good car for commuting is important. Here are some tips and things to consider when shopping for a commuter vehicle:


When it comes to choosing a commuter car with "good" mileage, there are some things to consider, including:

  • Car Size
    If you plan to use your car simply for commuting back and forth between home and work, and you don't see yourself participating in a car pool, then you probably don't need a big vehicle. However, if you are likely to carpool or the vehicle will also be used for family excursions, then you might want to think about purchasing a bigger car.
  • Engine Size
    A bigger and more powerful engine is great for hauling heavy loads or bigger groups of people; but keep in mind that this type of engine is also going to cost more at the pump.
  • Compare Online
    There are a lot of online car sites you can use to compare things like gas mileage, prices, and other features.


Choosing a reliable car is important, especially if you are considering buying a used car. Cars differ greatly among makes and models.  Some cars are known for being proactive in terms of safety features, some are infamous for having particular mechanical problems, etc. Similarly, not all cars are built equally well, with some cars ranking higher on the reliability scale than others. You can actually utilize several resources to determine the reliability ratings for the many varieties of makes and models. Here are just a few of those resources:

  • Consumer Reports
    You can access Consumer Reports online but in order to use their more helpful features you may need to have a paid subscription. However,  you can also check your local library for a free physical magazine.
  • MSN Autos
    You can see the reliability ratings and common problems for makes and models right on this site.
  • J.D. Power and Associates
    This site offers new and used car ratings.

Seasonal Conditions

Do you live in an unseasonably warm climate? Maybe you live in a place that is always cold? Seasonal conditions can affect the performance of your vehicle and therefore are worth keeping in mind, especially if you plan on using the vehicle on a daily basis.


Is having a comfortable seat important for your commuter car? A semi-comfortable seat is of course important for any car, but if you are driving for long periods of time on a regular basis, you might need more comfort and more support. Some models also offer seats with options for fine-tuning the temperature, the position, and the overall comfort of your seats. If you are taller or even a little shorter than the average person, take the time to make sure the distance between the seat and the pedals are a comfortable fit for you.

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